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FISHER 1894 historic meteorite 1st fall from Minnesota.

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FISHER 1894 historic meteorite 1st fall from Minnesota. Picture(s) and Description:

 182232607013895840 FISHER 1894 historic meteorite 1st fall from Minnesota.

Up for auction is a 200mg Fisher meteorite fragment from the 1894 historic meteorite fall in Minnesota, USA. What makes this meteorite special is that it’s the first meteorite to come from Minnesota. Here is your chance to own this rare meteorite, which is rarely offerd. Lastly, I'm a member of the International Meteorite Collectors Association, member number 1633, so bid with confidence! History The Fisher Meteorite. By Newton H. Winchell (Amer. Geologist, 1897, 20, 316—318).—This stone fell on April 9th, 1894, at Fisher, Polk Co., Minnesota ; the smaller of the two fragments weighs about 9J pounds (ibid., 1894, 14, 389). It consists mainly of olivine and enstatite with occasionally chrondritic structure; there are specks of metallic iron and troilite j and glassy matter, asmanite (tridymite), and maskelynite are also perhaps present (ibid., 1896, 17, 173, 234; and Compt. rend., 1896, 122, 681). In the present paper, the somewhat slender evidence for the presence of maskelynite is recapitulated. Analysis of the meteorite by C. P. Berkey gave : SiO„. A1S03. Fe. MgO. CaO. Ni. S. Total. Sp.gr. 41-16 6-60 24-26 19 03 4-34 2-26 trace 97 65 3 44 The iron shown above exists in the native state and also as silicate, oxide, and sulphide. L. J. S. http://books.google.com/books?id=tu84AAAAMAAJ&lpg=PA172&ots=x5M_FRmadM&dq=%22fisher%20meteorite%22&pg=PA172#v=onepage&q=%22fisher%20meteorite%22&f=false The recommended classification L6 means "An ordinary chondrite from the L group that is petrologic type 6." The highlighted words are defined as follows: Ordinary chondrite: A major class of chondrites, distinguished by sub-solar Mg/Si and refractory/Si ratios, oxygen isotope compositions that plot above the terrestrial fractionation line, and a large volume percentage of chondrules, with only 10-15 vol% fine-grained matrix. L group: The low-iron (L) chemical group of ordinary chondrites, distinguished by their relatively low siderophile element content, moderate sized chondrules (~0.7 mm), and oxygen isotope compositions that intermediate between H and LL group ordinary chondrites. Type 6: Designates chondrites that have been metamorphosed under conditions sufficient to homogenize all mineral compositions, convert all low-Ca pyroxene to orthopyroxene, coarsen secondary phases such as feldspar to sizes ?50 µm, and obliterate many chondrule outlines; no melting has occurred. Meteoritical Bulletin Database Name: Fisher This is an OFFICIAL meteorite name. Abbreviation: There is no official abbreviation for this meteorite. Observed fall: Yes Year fell: 1894 Country: United States Mass: 17.6 kg NHM Catalogue: 5th Edition (2000) L6 MetBase: v. 7.1 (2006) L6 Recommended: L6 [explanation] This is 1 of 7364 approved meteorites (plus 3 unapproved names) classified as L6. [show all] Search for other: L chondrites (type 4-7), Ordinary chondrites (type 4-7), L chondrites, and Ordinary chondrites Coordinates: Catalogue of Meteorites: (47° 49'N, 96° 51'W) Recommended:: (47° 49'N, 96° 51'W) Statistics: This is 1 of 8 approved meteorites from Minnesota, United States This is 1 of 1578 approved meteorites from United States (plus 211 unapproved names) (plus 28 impact craters) Included in the auction is the 200mg Fisher meteorite, copy of the chain of custody ID card from whom I got the meteorite from and where this fragment came from, ID card, plastic case, and the auction is back by a 7 day money back guaranty. The fine print If you’re the winning bidder please pay with pay pal within 3 days after the auction ending. $5 for shipping and if you like to have insurance, please add $2.00 to the final cost. If you’re outside the US the shipping rate will be a flat $7 and no returns and will not ship to Italy. If you’re in the US you have a 7 money back guaranty minus shipping both ways as long as everything shipped out comes back. Thank you and happy bidding. Shawn Alan Lastly, I am a member with The Meteoritical Society & IMCA. http://meteoriticalsociety.org http://www.imca.cc INTERNATIONAL METEORITE COLLECTORS ASSOCIATION Authenticity GUARANTEED

 182232607013895841 FISHER 1894 historic meteorite 1st fall from Minnesota.
 182232607013895842 FISHER 1894 historic meteorite 1st fall from Minnesota.
 182232607013895843 FISHER 1894 historic meteorite 1st fall from Minnesota.

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