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Meteorite ? Fell from the sky last night

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Meteorite ? Fell from the sky last night Picture(s) and Description:

 192132607112856180 Meteorite ? Fell from the sky last night

Noticed a bright flash of light outside last night, and saw this thing fall from the sky! Pretty exiting, I have seen meteors before, but never seen anything land like that. Cool sound and lightshow! Several other people were also outside they had noticed the light and sound as well. I ran over to the spot in the snow where it landed and it was hissing, smoking and glowing. It took about five minutes for it to cool down! I snapped a picture with my cellphone while I waited for it to cool down enough to pick up. (see last picture). I took it inside, washed it off, and saw what you can see in the pictures above. Unique colors and consistency, gold, amber, red, etc. Some of it is rough, some of it almost seems crystallized or fused. My interest have faded now, but I am sure someone in eBay land would pick up a rarity like this. I am letting it go for ten dollars shipping plus whatever highest bidder pays. I am not an expert in this but here is my description: About 200 grams, 4 1/2 inches long. Crusty outside and some holes and "bubbles" that are smoother and the white stuff almost looks and feel like coral. It was extremely hot when it landed, I kept kicking snow on top of it, it took surprisingly long for it to stop being red-hot. Questions are welcome. If anyone local want to see it in person, before bidding, contact me. I live in Elmhurst, IL , West of Chicago. ( That is also where it fell - 12/21/12, about 8 PM) Just kidding about the alien space craft debris thing, but hurry up and buy it before the Men in Black show up...

 192132607112856181 Meteorite ? Fell from the sky last night
 192132607112856182 Meteorite ? Fell from the sky last night
 192132607112856183 Meteorite ? Fell from the sky last night

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