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METEORITE (VERY NEW) The WEST, Texas Fall, L6, 14.61g

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METEORITE (VERY NEW) The WEST, Texas Fall, L6, 14.61g Picture(s) and Description:

 39871903697194260 METEORITE (VERY NEW) The WEST, Texas Fall, L6, 14.61g

WEST, TEXAS, L6 (Newest Fall)- A beautiful 14.61 gram, individual, with 100% fusion crust. One of the BEST individuals from the West Fall! Firm on Price! On February 15, 2009, at ~11:00 am, a person shooting a video of a sports event in Waco, Texas, captured a fireball heading across the mid morning sky. The residents of West, Texas heard a sonic boom and felt the explosions of this meteorite over their town. To date about 3kg of fragments and individuals have been recovered from the farm and ranch land around West, Texas. This is a beautiful meteorite and it has been classified as an L6 Chondrite, S3, W0,. All my specimens of The West, Texas Meteorite were collected from the field by my son Christopher and myself. This is a very fresh recovery. All specimens come with a copy of one of the local newspapers-my choice, but these are great historic newspapers which feature a story on this amazing meteorite event. I will include one of these papers with each of my West Meteorite auctions, until I run out. Michael Cottingham’s Meteorite Collecting History and (Mini) Bio… I first started my cosmic journey with meteorites in 1996. I have always been interested in Natural History and ever since I was very young, I have collected rocks, fossils, artifacts and the like. In fact, I have been pretty darn good at finding unusual Natural History objects. However, I had never found a meteorite and I didn’t even know where to begin. So, I first started by buying a few specimens to see what they actually looked like. Then I would take these specimens out into the desert area where I live and I would place them on the ground. I was trying to train my “eye” to see differently. Sometimes, I would take my meteorite specimens and throw them as far as I could into the desert, and then I would go search for them. I started to search dry lake beds and dune areas in the Southern part of my state. In Jan/1997 I was searching an area East of Columbus, New Mexico and I finally did what most people though was impossible (especially my wife) … I found a NEW Meteorite! This was the Columbus, New Mexico, H5. There were seven small pieces of this chondrite and the total known weight at the time was only 184 grams. Since then I have recovered about 2 kilos of fragments. On an interesting note, it only took me about 300 hours to find my first meteorite! My wife and I had a bet going at the time of the Columbus find. She said, “If, If you find a new meteorite, then you can go anywhere in the world and go hunt!” Well, I did. I next took our bank savings and headed out to search the Imilac strewnfield in the Atacama Desert of Chile. This area had produced many meteorites, but was remote and difficult to search. I went there and found 20 kilos of Imilac Pallasite individuals. I sold most, bought more meteorites and continued to hunt for more… Over the next few years, I either personally found or recovered through research, the following meteorites: Correo, New Mexico (200 grams), Glorietta (~1kilo), Odessa, Texas (20 kilos), Wagon Mound (87.5kg), Portales Valley (600+ grams), Gold Basin (~5 kilos), Kermit, Texas (001-005, About ~200 grams), Floydada (b) (6.266kg), O’Donnell, Texas (12.7kg), Falsey Draw, New Mexico (4.18kg), Steins, New Mexico (New Stone!), Pasamonte (b), New Mexico, and Tolar, New Mexico. This is only a partial list of meteorites that I have recovered or discovered in the field… I love to hunt for meteorites and in that hunting for these cosmic stones, I have a discovered a passion for collecting and selling these space treasures, as well. You will find more about me and my meteorite adventures, spread throughout my Meteorite Collection for sale pages in my ebay store… This specimen is from the MICHAEL COTTINGHAM METEORITE COLLECTION and is guaranteed to be authentic and as stated in description. All meteorites come with a 14 day return policy if not satisfied, and a Identification card. Shipping with insurance is 5.00 in the US. $11.00 overseas. I have been hunting,collecting,buying and selling meteorites for over 10 years and I am one of the first meteorite sellers on ebay.

 39871903697194261 METEORITE (VERY NEW) The WEST, Texas Fall, L6, 14.61g
 39871903697194262 METEORITE (VERY NEW) The WEST, Texas Fall, L6, 14.61g
 39871903697194263 METEORITE (VERY NEW) The WEST, Texas Fall, L6, 14.61g

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